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Fancy Works Fabric of the Month Club
You may have heard the news, but we are having a Fabric of the Month Club. It's fairly simple, you choose the type and count of fabric, size of cut you want, and we will pick the color(s) and ship them to you once a month!
  • Enrollment is due by April 15, 2018, the club starts May 2018. This is a one-year program that will end in April 2019.
  • Invoices will go out the first of each month starting in May 2018.  Payment is to be received by the 15th of that month. If we have not received your payment for that month by the 15th, you will not get your fabric for that month.
  • Payments are to be made BEFORE the fabric ships. Shipping times will vary, sometimes it takes a couple weeks to get the fabric from the dyer. Then we will have to cut it into the requested sizes and ship it to you.
  • Payment is preferred via PayPal. If you do not have PayPal, you *must* contact the store each month to arrange payment. Fancy Works accepts Visa/MasterCard and Discover credit cards (sorry, no AmEx) as well as checks (this will delay your fabric). All prices are plus shipping (average shipping for a single cut of fabric is about US$4).

  • Your membership is good for one year, however, if you miss two (2) consecutive payments, you will be dropped from the club, and will not be able to re-enroll until the following year!
  • You may choose to drop out at any time, but you will not be able to re-enroll until the following year!

  • Prices are based on the size (cut) and type/count of fabric you choose. Sizes, types and counts of fabric available, as well as pricing , are listed below
  • You may choose up to TWO (2) different types/size of fabric. Fabric styles and counts are listed on page 2.
  • You may choose from two different color selections. Colors (brights & darks, would be good for Mirabilia or seasonal stitching) or Classic (light & neutrals, perfect for reproduction samplers), examples are shown below. Only two colors will be chosen & shipped each month. Dianna (the shop owner) and her helpers will choose one Classic and one Colors each month.
    • Example:  You may choose a 14ct Aida fat 1/4 in Colors *AND* a 32ct Belfast Linen fat 1/2 in Classic.  You can have both choices be Aida if you wish, or linen, or both be Colors, or both be Classic. 
    • You do not have to choose two – if you only want one (1) cut of fabric per month, pick only one!
  • Once a selection has been made, it is to remain that way for the duration of your membership, or the end of the year cycle (you may change your selection if you renew the membership the following year).
If you wish to join, please download and complete the application and email to with the subject line “Fabric of The Month Club” or snail mail it to:
Fancy Works FOTM
3635 West State Road 46
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
If you have any questions, feel free to call the shop at 812-935-6353 or send an email!
Fabrics are from PTP (Picture This Plus)
FABRIC SIZES (all sizes are approximate- measurements are pre-dying. The dying process shrinks some fabrics.):
  • Fat ¼ = 18 x 27 inches - Price range $19 - $28
  • Fat ½ = 27 x 36 inches - Price range $38 - $56
  • 1 full yard = 36 x 54 inches - Price range $75 - $112
  • Tula, 10ct.
  • Aida, 14, 16, or 18ct
  • Hardanger (evenweave), 22ct
  • Cashel Linen, 28ct
  • Belfast Linen, 32ct
  • Edinburgh Linen, 36ct
  • New Castle Linen, 40ct
  • Lugana (evenweave), 28 or 32ct
May's fabric has been ordered, and invoices will go out in a couple of weeks!
The colors choses for May are:
COLORS:          Confetti
CLASSICS:          Wren   
Color Samples:
Variations – sometimes very wide variations – occur between the fabric types. A color in linen may or may not look the same in Lugana or Aida. With any hand-dyed product, variations in color intensities and patterns will occur with each dye lot
  1. Confetti
  2. Jazz
  3. Phoenix
  4. Solar
  5. Spring
  6. Thistle
  1. Ale
  2. Ancient
  3. Dapple
  4. Moonglow
  5. Petals
  6. Relic
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